Financial trouble for Koenigsegg

Posted on Thursday, 16 August 2007 , 08:08:26 byEmil

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Financial trouble for Koenigsegg

The local supercar producer Koenigsegg is in financial trouble, incapable of servicing its debts. Koenigsegg owes its creditors €240,000 and is seeking new investors, according to Sweden’s Realtid.

It suffered a setback, in the following year, when a fire burnt the facilities to the ground. As a result the owner and founder Christian von Koenigsegg is moving the operations to a former Swedish Airforce Base. Formed in 1993, the company employs just 30 people; its first customer car was delivered in 2002.

One man’s dream… to build a world class supercar… this is how Koenigsegg was born.