After 2009 Chrysler may retire PT Cruiser

Posted on Friday, 17 August 2007 , 04:08:02 byEmil

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After 2009 Chrysler may retire PT Cruiser

Chrysler confirmed that until the end of 2009, it’ll build the long-running PT Cruiser through but with no promises that a next-gen auto will be built neither the current car will be finalized beyond that date. Its introduction was in 2000. The PT Cruiser has been a success for Chrysler but recently a slump in performance may be putting it out of the market.

Sales are starting to slow down because of the increasing number of wagon-like crossovers and the introduction of the retro-styled Chevrolet HHR but, for a couple more years, there is enough demand for the PT Cruiser, Frank Klegon - Chrysler exec told The Associated Press.

Over a million PT Cruisers have been sold in the US. Chrysler is preparing to reveal new models of the same category. The PT Cruiser will continue to sell in new editions like the new Sunset Boulevard line (pictured) staying with the auto until the end of the decade.