VW plans a successor for Phaeton model

Posted on Saturday, 25 August 2007 , 13:08:25 byEmil

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VW plans a successor for Phaeton model

Volkswagen execs plan a successor for the controversial VW Phaeton model. Production for this new model is set for late 2010, in Dresden, as latest reports suggest.

It is reported that VW Phaeton could be causing the company a lost of as much as €10,000 with every car that is sold. This model isn’t a cheap one: it costs as much as its luxury brand rivals, but it has many poor features, such as the mundane styling, the humble badge, the poor dynamics and the heavy chassis.

However, the second generation Phaeton model that VW wants to build is a sure thing. A less certified information is the rumor about the delay in the development of Phaeton’s successor, because of the losses that this model causes. Officials told AFX that everything is on schedule.