Audi A8L unveiled

Posted on Wednesday, 29 August 2007 , 06:08:24 byEmil

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Audi A8L unveiled

The A8L from Audi is a long-wheelbase variant of the well known A8 luxury sedan. The vehicle is longer than the normal A8 with five inches, adding rear seat legroom. The A8L improvements to will fit with the regular-wheel base A8 sedan, the revised steering, suspension and the modified exterior too.

The A8L auto can be bought with the basic 4.2-liter V8 at 350 horsepower, or Audi's W12 powerplant with 450 horsepower from 12 cylinders. Because of the big engine and Quattro system - all-wheel-drive, even though it`s a large sedan, the 60 mph sprint takes only 5.0 seconds.

Selling more than 100,000 models world wide, the present generation of A8 has been a real success in sales for Audi.