Skoda reveals the new Fabia Greenline

Posted on Sunday, 2 September 2007 , 13:09:29 byEmil

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Skoda reveals the new Fabia Greenline

Next month at Frankfurt Motor Show, Skoda will present two new autos, the new extra-efficient Fabia Greenline design study and the production Fabia Estate (pictured). Fabia Greenline is a design study wanting to highlight Skoda`s push to creat more environmentally-friendly cars and bring new technologies that will in the end make it to the carmaker`s production vehicles.

The new Fabia Greenline shows a fuel consumption of 69mpg and a same low quantity of carbon emissions with 110g of CO2 per km. Skoda`s new model initiative is the same with the projects from other automakers such as Ford`s new ECOnetic, Renault and its own Eco2 frugal models plus Volkswagen and its BlueMotion range.

Fabia Estate, going on sale before next year, wraps in 1,460L of storage area and will have the option of up to six other engines. On show in Frankfurt will also be Skoda`s previous Fabia Estate Scout concept auto.