Ford stops the Lincoln Mark LT pickup production

Posted on Monday, 3 September 2007 , 13:09:53 byEmil

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Ford stops the Lincoln Mark LT pickup production

Ford`s agenda is to end the production of its Lincoln Mark LT pickup truck — the second Lincoln pickup short on expectations and receving the axe, a recent report says. For less than three years, the Mark LT has been on sale and the 2008 model autos, members say, will be the last.

Supplier sources say in Automotive News, the Mark LT was slated for a big evaluation side-by-side the next-generation F-150 in 2008, but those plans are dropped now.

The capacity production for the Mark LT will be reassigned to the F-150, as reported. To cover the whole left by Mark LT, Ford will offer a `Platinum` chain F-150.

The Mark LT`s sales have summarized 28,117 since its debut, reports the trade publication. Ford original target was 20,000 units a year.