Mercedes-Benz F 700 Concept

Posted on Saturday, 8 September 2007 , 02:09:58 byEmil

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Mercedes-Benz F 700 Concept

Mercedes-Benz will be showing off its F 700 Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show next week. Designed for low-consumption, low-emissions sedan, the F 700 luxury concept uses Mercedes` DiesOtto and hybrid technologies. DiesOtto is a technology very much alike to the GM`s HCCI.

The combined powertrain has the result of 44 mpg with CO2 emissions of only 127g/km, both numbers being extraordinary low for a vehicle of F 700`s dimension. Meanwhile, the Lexus GS450h runs CO2 emissions of 186 g/km.

It`s not clear if the F 700 indicates Mercedes` future design pattern, both in drive-train and styling. More details next week, after the introduction of the F 700.