Chrysler increases sales outside United States

Posted on Friday, 14 September 2007 , 02:09:44 byEmil

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Chrysler increases sales outside United States

Chrysler made the announcement that the non-U.S. sales increased in August by 26%. The growth was helped by powerful sales in Latin America and Asia. In August, Chrysler sold 18,556 autos outside of the United States, having the yearly total of 153,813 cars — an increase of 19% last year. The U.S. sales for Chrysler fell in August 6.1%.

`It is important to recognize opportunities outside North America to balance the impact any one region can have on the business` said Michael Manley, the executive vice president of marketing, business development and international sales. `Our focus of growth outside North America is not only to increase sales internationally, but also to ensure that the growth is balanced among the company`s three brands`.

The top market for Chrysler outside of U.S. is Italy with 14,409 vehicles sold, according to The Detroit News.