GMC Canyon V8 confirmed

Posted on Saturday, 15 September 2007 , 02:09:54 byEmil

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GMC Canyon V8 confirmed

The rumor is true. Mike Levine from noticed at the website for the `08 GMC Canyon, the V8 engine listed as an option for early 2008. Mike contacted the General and got the confirmation that a V8 is a reality for both 2WD and 4WD variants of the midsize pickup.

They didn’t want to confirm which V8 will be in the Canyon, but since the platform is already modified for the 5.3L model for the HUMMER H3 Alpha, it`s almost sure it`s going to be the same one. The 5.3 works great in the much bigger Sierra, so it`s got to be a smashing success in the Canyon.

GM doesn't have a web page for the Chevy Colorado `08 yet, but it`s safe to believe that anything Canyon`s having, Colorado will, too.