Dual-clutch gearbox by BMW

Posted on Wednesday, 19 September 2007 , 11:09:09 byEmil

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Dual-clutch gearbox by BMW

BMW will introduce its first dual-clutch gearbox, nicked M DCT, in the M3 Sedan. The sedan will bow at an American auto show, either Los Angeles or Detroit. Although the vehicle will also be on the market with a six-speed manual, the dual-clutch gearbox will be using a seven-speed setting.

Co-created with Getrag, this new gear box will be smoother than the SMG and will have a shift lever similar to the one on the X5, as paddle shifters too.

The M3 Convertible will rise soon, also using the new technology – M DCT. The M3 Coupe model will perhaps get the technology as well. A M3 CSL with high-performance is believed to be in the works also.