The new Ferrari with 900 horsepower

Posted on Friday, 21 September 2007 , 14:09:59 byEmil

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The new Ferrari with 900 horsepower

Recently we reported Ferrari`s upcoming superauto would be lighter, having a smaller displacement V8 twin-turbo at least with 550 horsepower. But according to new information, the successor to the Enzo model could have around 900 horsepower. No details about the dimensions of the vehicle.

But to be able in producing 900 horsepower, it is very likely the V8 would have to be bigger than the 3.0L. It`s not clear if the V8 4.3L from the F430 — which produce 510 horsepower in F430 Scuderia — would be a candidate for the supercar.

The SSC Ultimate Aero is using a V8 twin-turbo to make 1183 horsepower, although from a powerplant with 6.3L.