Suspended sales of Australian Aurion TRD by Toyota

Posted on Saturday, 22 September 2007 , 13:09:41 byEmil

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Suspended sales of Australian Aurion TRD by Toyota

The Toyota Aurion TRD was on sale in Australia just weeks ago, but Toyota suspended sales due to some safety concerns. Having the base on the Toyota Camry, the Aurion TRD is using a supercharged V6 3.5 L rated at 329 horsepower. Toyota reports the sales hold is because of a potential failure at the engine, not being related to the high output of the engine or the supercharger.

Toyota at the moment keeps in dealerships 150 demo Aurion TRD throughout Australia and the carmaker`s plan is to inspect each of those autos within the week.

This is not a full-scale recall and Toyota seems to have an increasing problem at the quality control department. The Japanese carmaker second in rank — trailing only VW — U.S. recalls in 2007.