Start-stop engine technology from Land Rover

Posted on Monday, 24 September 2007 , 11:09:56 byEmil

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Start-stop engine technology from Land Rover

Land Rover will introduce an automatic engine with start/stop function for its lineup starting at the end of 2008. Gaining popularity in Europe among many carmakers, the engine start/stop it`s shuts off the engine when the auto is stationary — this is the same technology like in the hybrids — an easy way for reducing fuel consumption.

Andy Griffiths – the Land Rover marketing director says the carmaker will also develop hybrid technology to comply with regulations of stricter emissions proposed by the E U.

Many automakers from Europe are exploring the idea of new technologies in order to fit the regulations. Also, some companies, for example Porsche, make threats to sue the European Union if the proposals became law.