Bugatti is working on a cheaper model

Posted on Wednesday, 26 September 2007 , 04:09:09 byEmil

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Bugatti is working on a cheaper model

A $1.4 million auto is not something that everyone can buy, only if you greatest dream is to have a Bugatti in your garage. You`ll be happy to hear Bugatti is working on a second vehicle, cheaper than the Veyron, just $1 million.

Franz-Josef Paefgen said `We will continue the brand and there will be new products. A few decisions have been made already, and there will be no smaller Bugatti. If a second car comes to market, it will be in the same market segment as the current (1000-horsepower) car`.

The new car will be produced in a limited edition like it`s big brother: `It will be extremely exclusive, with lifetime volumes in the hundreds, not thousands`.