Tesla Roadster delayed

Posted on Friday, 28 September 2007 , 12:09:30 byEmil

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Tesla Roadster delayed

Tesla Roadster it`s delayed again… But there is also good news with this bad one: Tesla Roadster prototypes will get about 245 miles – a single charge - 236 Highway, 252 City.

`That having been said, this is a complex program. Our team is working around the clock to deliver high quality, reliable Roadsters as quickly as possible. As Martin pointed out in his last communication, we are testing, testing, testing. The results of these tests indicate that we need more time to ensure that all aspects of the production cars meet the level of quality, durability and reliability that is expected. While we expect to produce a limited number of production cars in the fourth quarter, I have set a production goal of shipping fifty cars in the first quarter of 2008, with an additional 600 cars in the 2008 model year. We may increase that production level if and when we are confident in our production ramp`.

`As a result, we will soon stop taking reservations for 2008 Roadsters and start a traditional waiting list for people interested in reserving a car in the future. New people signing up for the waiting list will not be guaranteed a 2008 model but will be notified if and when we increase production. This same waiting list will be used for when we switch over to the 2009 model year. Since you have already reserved your 2008 Roadster, you will be receiving the first model year of a groundbreaking, historically significant car`.