Blind Spot Assist from Mercedes

Posted on Saturday, 29 September 2007 , 13:09:19 byEmil

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Blind Spot Assist from Mercedes

Mercedes debuted `Blind Spot Assist` a radar-based system — like the one offered by Volvo — warning the driver when a car is present in the auto`s blind spot. This system is using six radar sensors detecting cars lurking in the blind spots.

Once a vehicle is detected, it shows a red light on the side mirror warning the driver. And if the driver is putting on a turn signal while there is an auto in a blind spot, it further alerts the driver making an audible warning and it switch the red light into the flash mode.

Blind Spot Assist is on the Mercedes long list with radar-based safety systems — including DISTRONIC PLUS and PRE-SAFE — proofing once again the future of auto safety will be focusing on accident-avoidance.