Turning an Audi TT into a pick-up

Posted on Sunday, 30 September 2007 , 02:09:06 byEmil

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Turning an Audi TT into a pick-up

The most idiotic thing for today is the idea of a TT Pick-up. Stupid or not, someone really did it: they transformed a TT into a pick-up. This desire came from the need of help with all the work in a ranch. But of course… there are no excuses…

The idea come from a company – a Danish one, not from a 12 years kid as expected. They thought that turning an Audi TT into a pick-up it would be useful. After the tailgate removal, the `conversion kit` includes some pieces of checker-plate and a few strips of aluminum extrusion.

Again, there are no excuses for destroying this dream auto.