BMW X1 will be sold only in Europe

Posted on Sunday, 30 September 2007 , 05:09:32 byEmil

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BMW X1 will be sold only in Europe

BMW has made the announcement that the newly confirmed BMW X1 is to be made in one of its plants in Europe. So, BMW will outsource the Mini SUV production to a third party. This decision to make the X1 in Europe was taken because the carmaker believes that Europe will be the auto`s primary market.

The announcement could show the United States will not be getting the X1 as a negative exchange rate pricing it out of the area. A recent BMW statement says it will move the majority of the SUV production to the U. S. — BMW`s biggest SUV market — so maintaining the X1`s European production is surprising.

Automotive News reports that Reithofer didn`t say which company will produce the Mini SUV for BMW, although the Magna Steyr model is an important candidate as it made the last generation X3 for the carmaker.