Ralf Schumacher is quitting from Toyota

Posted on Wednesday, 3 October 2007 , 04:10:48 byEmil

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Ralf Schumacher is quitting from Toyota

The uncompetitive drivers have a tough time at uncompetitive teams, and both Ralf Schumacher and Toyota have been defining so well the `uncompetitive` term in Formula One. So, the driver can`t fire Toyota, Toyota is firing Schumacher.

Only Schumacher wants it the other way around. Meaning a preemptive strike.

Here is Schumacher`s statement:
`Having been a Toyota driver in the past three years, I opted for looking for a new challenge. I joined Toyota with high expectations. On the one hand, I regarded it as a major and exciting challenge to be involved in the development of a new racing car. On the other hand, I also learned to like the Japanese style of living, during my long stay in Japan before entering Formula 1. And I still get on well with the Japanese mentality. But I am waiting for years for a competitive car`.

`Toyota also was a nice and interesting experience - particularly the cooperation with the team, engineers and mechanics. Still, it’s time now to look for a new challenge`.

`It goes without saying that I`m extremely motivated when it comes to racing at Shanghai and São Paulo. I will give my very best to at least finish the mulled season on a high, with and for Toyota`.

`I’m going to have several conversations in the coming weeks. I will announce my decision when the season is over. For me, the financial aspect is far less important than the chance of being involved in the development of a car and being successful afterwards`.

No details for replacing Schumacher at Toyota or where Schumacher will look for a next challenge.

Also, nothing about when Toyota will field a competitive auto in Formula One.