GM employees calling for NY factory closure

Posted on Saturday, 6 October 2007 , 11:10:19 byEmil

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GM employees calling for NY factory closure

Employees at General Motors` Massena, NY engine factory it`s the first on rejecting the proposed four-year work contract between the UAW and GM. The members of the union voted 172 to 137 against this new contract that`s calling for the closure of Massena plant next year.

`The members had thought maybe they`d be able to save the plant in negotiations`, Local 465 President – Tony Arquiett said to the Detroit Free Press. `It`s a big shock to see it in writing like that`.

Since the agreement tried between UAW and GM, two factory unions — from Orion Township plant, which is continuing to produce the Pontiac G6 through 2012, and Flint engine and stamping factory — have been ratifying the contract.