Cabrio prices in danger

Posted on Monday, 8 October 2007 , 13:10:28 byEmil

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Cabrio prices in danger

The values for the drop-tops failed to reach the summer peak and the Glass experts are worried about the winter prices. Adrian Rushmore, managing editor told Auto Express: `This has been the worst year in living memory for used convertible values. From May to July 2006, prices rose by up to 10 per cent, but a combination of factors has led values to remain static during the same period this year`.

The main reason for this is a marked rise in supply. `A substantial number of additional three-year-old examples will have reached the second-hand market during 2007` added Rushmore.

`The increase in supply of cars has meant buyers of these models now have more choice than ever, so we haven`t seen the seasonal hike in prices which has become an established feature of the market` he said.