E-Flex Cadillac

Posted on Wednesday, 10 October 2007 , 07:10:45 byEmil

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E-Flex Cadillac

There are rumors that Cadillac is introducing a vehicle equipped with E-Flex drivetrain to be introduced initially on the new Chevrolet Volt.

GM is not denying this story, but with no confirmation either.

GM spokesman – Rob Peterson said:

`The beauty of the E-Flex system is that it is flexible enough to incorporate different powertrain propulsion systems, design styles and if necessary brand characteristics. That said, the development team is currently focused on the development of the E-Flex System - fuel cell and range-extended variants - and the Chevrolet Volt only. Discussion about vehicles built on the E-Flex System for other brands is purely speculative`.

If General Motors is contemplating the E-Flex Cadillac, this it`s just keeping tense the competition.