C30 Flexifuel STCC from Volvo

Posted on Thursday, 11 October 2007 , 13:10:52 byEmil

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C30 Flexifuel STCC from Volvo

Volvo Car Corporation will develop a brand new racing vehicle and will continue the work with bioethanol (E85) and Green Racing in STCC (Swedish Touring Car Championship) three more years.

`Our decision is based on the positive attention and the good results that the recently concluded STCC season has meant for Volvo`s brand` says Derek Crabb, head of Powertrain and Engine at Volvo Cars and the man recently appointed to lead Volvo`s Racing department.

`It is now time to take the next step for the coming STCC seasons, and to meet the growing international interest in green racing` says Derek Crabb.

`The decision to leave this year`s racing car, a Volvo S60, was fairly simple. The Volvo C30 is a somewhat smaller and more agile car with excellent driving characteristics, even in the standard version` affirms Derek Crabb.

`Development of the new racing car will be done jointly by Volvo Cars and Polestar Racing, who has successfully handled our participation in STCC for several years. However, it is currently too soon to provide any detailed information about the construction of the new car. The objective, on the other hand, is crystal clear - we will develop a winning car` Derek Crabb says.