Jaguar drops the X-Type model from United States market

Posted on Friday, 12 October 2007 , 21:10:40 byEmil

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Jaguar drops the X-Type model from United States market

Jaguar will pull the entry-level X-Type model from its American line next year, in spring, announced the company today.

`Over the past 18 months, Jaguar has conducted a strategic review of its marketing operations, started to reposition its Brand, and redefine its role in the automotive luxury market` the company said in a statement. `As a consequence of this process, it will cease production of the X-Type for the North American market`.

`A number of unique circumstances within the North American market environment contributed to the decision that we have taken` the statement reads. `The North American Compact premium segment includes a much wider array of domestic and import brands than in other world markets, and the consequent fight for market share is intense`.

`The decision was taken after extensive consultation with many of our dealers`.

Earlier today was the unveiling of Jaguar 2009 X-Type for Europe, updated with a revised appearance and improved features.

The Jaguar XF model was revealed in August and will go on sale next year in March.