Jaguar XF will be on sale starting march 1st

Posted on Friday, 12 October 2007 , 13:10:35 byEmil

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Jaguar XF will be on sale starting march 1st

The brand new Jaguar XF will be for sale on the United Sates market beginning March 1, and of course, the demands for this auto are really high, as it is sold out already for the next five years. The question is: will the new XF save Jaguar?

`It`s the blossom we`ve been waiting to see grow` said one enthusiastic dealer. Jaguar says the reaction for the XF goes from `thrilling to unbelievable`.

`The XF represents the whole ball of wax for Jaguar and will determine if Jaguar survives or fails` said Joe Phillippi, a principal with automotive marketing and research firm AutoTrends.

`It`s probably the last shot Jaguar has to sell a car in volume, which is critical to Jaguar`.
XF will be on sale in the spring 2008 costing between $50,000 to $60,000.