Chrysler could eliminate five autos this month

Posted on Thursday, 18 October 2007 , 02:10:37 byEmil

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Chrysler could eliminate five autos this month

Chrysler may cut five nameplates in the next month. Someone familiar with this situation said it is `highly likely` that Chrysler`s executives will be approving the plan to reduce the amount of models, five cars are are on the elimination list.

`Virtually no Chrysler plant received commitment beyond the scope of their current product` said Bill Parker – the president of Local 1700 and the chairman of the union`s Chrysler committee.

`We have models that overlap, where we have two or three vehicles that serve the same market segment and maybe the same customer and actually compete with each other to some extent` Jim Press – Chrysler President and Vice Chairman told the Detroit Free Press. `We also have markets where we have insufficient coverage. Where we don`t have enough product`.