The ad campaign for Malibu three times higher than CTS

Posted on Sunday, 21 October 2007 , 05:10:23 byEmil

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The ad campaign for Malibu three times higher than CTS

GM budgeted $50 million to get the CTS model into the public eye. But the ad campaign for the Malibu, released yesterday, the numbers are a bit higher - $150 million.

`The Car You Can`t Ignore` - with this slogan Chevrolet intends to make it a reality… blanketing the web, billboards, television, and print media, advertising for the new Malibu. It will also be strongly advertised in the World Series.

`We are introducing the all-new Malibu to America with a `no stone left unturned` marketing effort. We want the entire country to know that this car, which is designed to be the best in the mid-size segment, is coming, and that it has bulletproof quality, coupled with beautiful interior and exterior design`. That is according to Ed Peper – the Chevrolet General Manager, who also affirmed that the `Malibu has the look, feel, and content of a $40,000 car but it costs less than half that amount. It truly will be the car you can`t ignore`.

Kim Kosik – the marketing boss at Chevrolet said that `the all-new Malibu is the most-researched car in Chevy`s history, and our marketing campaign is also the most-researched plan we`ve ever developed. We know who the Malibu`s target buyers are, and we have designed customized media plans for all of them to connect with them in a targeted way`.

At the Cambell-Ewald – the advertising agency handling account for Chevrolet since the World War II ended, the vice chairman – Bill Ludwig said `the Malibu target audience is deeply entrenched in their beliefs. They are highly skeptical of anyone`s ability to compete with Camry and Accord. This campaign is designed to hock their systems, attack their beliefs, and debunk myths. We want them to start out skeptical and end up wowed. The great thing is, we have the product to do that`.

The base cost for the new Malibu begins under $20,000, including the destination charges.