No plug-in hybrids on the future Honda lineup

Posted on Thursday, 25 October 2007 , 10:10:58 byEmil

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No plug-in hybrids on the future Honda lineup

Honda`s upcomig lineup will be focusing on conventional hybrids more, rather than plug-in hybrids. The company will be using new lithium-ion batteries to refine its present hybrid system. `The currently proposed plug-in hybrids are like a battery-electric vehicle equipped with unnecessary fuel capacity and an engine` Takeo Fukui – Honda president told the Detroit Free Press. `I don`t think that will contribute to the global environment or to reducing carbon dioxide`.

GM wants to build its first plug-in hybrid autos available in 2010, an obtainable goal says Fukui. `It is possible to mass produce plug-in hybrids within two years` he said.

Fukui says the Japanese carmaker will start leasing around 100 of its FCX fuel cell auto to customers in America and Japan next year.