Infiniti M receiving important upgrades for 2008

Posted on Wednesday, 7 November 2007 , 04:11:37 byEmil

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Infiniti M receiving important upgrades for 2008

Only two years after the highly successful debut, the Infiniti M is receiving important upgrades for 2008, including the first availability ever of Infiniti`s ATTESA E-TS intelligent all-wheel system drive on the V8-powered 4.5-liter M45. The brand new model, designated M45x… is joining the M35x, providing customers with two choices in the all-climate AWD performance.

`The Infiniti M is an expression of power, refinement, technology and design – all the things that make Infiniti owners` hearts pound` said Mark Igo – vice president, general manager at Infiniti. `The M captures the soul of the Infiniti brand, expressing it in invigorating, forward thinking ways`.

`The M`s low, aggressive hood line, which flows into the anchored shoulders and fluid roofline contribute to the sporty, powerful silhouette` affirmed Igo. `There`s a solid, muscular look to the design, fitting of its vibrant performance, yet a refined, high quality feel worthy of an Infiniti flagship`.