Corvette C6RS in limited edition

Posted on Thursday, 8 November 2007 , 04:11:42 byEmil

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Corvette C6RS in limited edition

Pratt & Miller Engineering designed and developed a brand new limited edition Corvette C6RS, providing an exceptional refinement and performance level for enthusiasts. It`s inspired by the Le Mans-winning Corvette C6.R race autos, and this all new Pratt & Miller Corvette C6RS super vehicle combines the everyday driveability with advanced racing technology. The first Corvette C6RS production will be on the market in April 2008.

`Our goal was to create a Corvette supercar that delivers an extremely high level of performance with extraordinary comfort and reliability` said the co-owner of Pratt & Miller Engineering – Gary Pratt. `The Corvette C6RS was inspired by our Corvette race program, but it`s not a race car for the street. You can take the Corvette C6RS on a 300-mile road trip, or drive it to a track day and run fast laps`.

`Every body modification has a purpose` explained Pratt. `The features were modeled on the C6.R race cars, and there are no nonfunctional styling elements`.

`Our goal with the Corvette C6RS was to capture the soul and spirit of the Corvette C6.R race car in a premium GT car for the street` affirmed Pratt. `The C6RS is a car with a legendary racing heritage and an unrivalled engineering pedigree. Just as the Corvette C6.R race car has become the benchmark in production-based sports car competition, we believe that the Pratt & Miller Corvette C6RS will set the new standard for sports car performance and luxury on the highway`.