Mercury Mariner VOGA edition 2008

Posted on Sunday, 11 November 2007 , 16:11:22 byEmil

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Mercury Mariner VOGA edition 2008

Mercury continues to push fashion-forward design, featuring a new runway-inspired series production named VOGA. It`s literally translated `fashionable and trend-setting` VOGA hits today primetime at the South Florida International Auto Show, introducing on a 2008 Mercury Mariner.

`Mercury always has been about smart and contemporary design aimed at the style-conscious customer who appreciates a unique look` says Peter Horbury, the executive director, Design, The Americas. `At a time when stores like IKEA and the concept driving Design Within Reach are influencing our choices of style, the Mercury brand and the new VOGA theme, in particular, are ideal for satisfying customers` desires for even more expressive vehicles`.

`It`s great to be back in Miami to announce the new series and show off the Mercury Mariner VOGA` says Eric Peterson, the Mercury Mariner Brand manager. `Given the sophistication of the south Florida market and the enthusiasm around the launch of the Mercury Mariner last year, it made perfect sense to debut our first production application of the VOGA styling here`.

“VOGA is about making a fashion statement each time you go for drive` affirmed Camilo Pardo – Chief Designer. `I`m really excited to bring the concept of VOGA to reality across the Mercury line-up. It’s my passion to design vehicles that emotionally connect with customers – that `gotta-have-it` appeal is what fashion is all about`.

`Customers definitely care about choice and personalization – from their MP3 player case to their cell phone ring tone – that`s why Mercury strikes a chord with savvy individualists who aren`t looking for the run-of-the-mill products` said Peterson.