Lexus is now sportier

Posted on Monday, 12 November 2007 , 18:11:16 byEmil

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Lexus is now sportier

Lexus has a new style – sporty… Having won amazing acclaim for the eco-friendly hybrids models, Toyota`s luxury area tempt some serious driving enthusiasts right into its glamorous showrooms. The brand`s great 5.0-litre IS-F V8-powered really gives you the pleasure of driving, and now with fine- tuned the new kit launched recently by the Japanese maker it`s a smash.

Called F-Sport Performance Accessory Line, it really is a comprehensive area of bespoke pieces, designed by the in-house tuning department TRD (Toyota Racing Development).

A Lexus GB spokesman said: `We`re launching the IS-F in April and we`re concentrating on that at present. But we`ve got people at the show taking a look at the parts and it`s something we`re considering`.