Get ready for the Olympic roads

Posted on Monday, 12 November 2007 , 13:11:26 byEmil

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Get ready for the Olympic roads

Proposed lanes for Olympic VIP will let athletes, ministers and other corporate sponsors drive in 2012 around London jam-free. But the motorists who steer right in the restricted routes could be damaged with enormous £5,000 fines, this according to some proposals put forward in the final version of London Olympics Bill.

The Olympic Delivery Authority, backing the proposals, now argued: `This is supposed to be a deterrent to motorists – and the maximum fine of £5,000 is only likely to be handed out to repeat offenders`.

But there are industry fears already that drivers who by accident enter the banned areas could be penalized. The AA Motoring Trust has slammed the ruling. Paul Watters – head of road policy said: `Why should a simple mistake cost someone up to £5,000? One would expect draconian sanctions like this for serious offences, not for breaking technical regulations`.

And a spokesman for Association of British Drivers said: `Visitors to London, who are less familiar with the roads, are more likely to be caught out, but this is the kind of treatment UK motorists have come to expect`.