The official launch of Ford Focus in America

Posted on Tuesday, 13 November 2007 , 04:11:38 byEmil

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The official launch of  Ford Focus in America

For three long days, Ford Focus 2008 stood hidden really well behind an 8-foot crystal-like cubes wall strategically placed in some specific hotspots in Miami, Los Angeles, Houston and San Diego, keeping people wondering what`s inside.

“The 2008 Ford Focus’ distinctive exterior and interior design, along with its innovative technology, provides drivers with the latest in voice-activated technology and customized lighting systems setting it apart from any other car on the road right now,” said Dave Rodriguez, Multicultural Marketing Communications Manager for Ford Motor Company. “The 2008 Focus is all about the element of surprise, which is why we kept it hidden in four different cities for three days. What’s more, the surprises don’t end yet because there are so many new features to discover behind the wheel of the all-new Focus.”