Chery - Chrysler LLC alliance

Posted on Tuesday, 20 November 2007 , 08:11:02 byEmil

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Chery - Chrysler LLC alliance

The recent Chery - Chrysler LLC alliance is official, but it will be some time before the vehicles from this collaboration will hit the showrooms in America and Europe, says a Chery executive.

`We don`t have any kind of timetable yet for entry into the U.S. market` Lin Zhang, the general manager at Chery International said. `We won`t come until we feel we`re ready` he added.

`It will be a whole new vehicle` said Frank Klegon, the executive vice president (auto development) for Chrysler. The smallish B-vehicle from Chery will help Chrysler enter into a upgoing market around the worls, including America.

`It has very strong leadership and a very strong workforce` affirmed Zhang.

`If you believe good leadership makes a difference in the automobile business, and I believe it does, than Chery is in a strong position` said Michael Dunne, the managing director China at J.D. Power and Associates.

`Chery is on a level all of its own. It's way out in front of its (Chinese) competition` he added.

`Brilliance is another company to watch because by working with BMW it has greatly improved its quality` said Dunne.

`They are quite interested in making electric vehicles. This is another company to watch` he affirmed. `The Chinese companies are small but they`re audacious`.