Audi is working on reducing the CO2 emission

Posted on Monday, 26 November 2007 , 13:11:33 byEmil

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Audi is working on reducing the CO2 emission

For the engineers at Audi from the ERL (`Electronic Research Laboratory`) in California, vehicle-to-vehicle networks represents a major step for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption. Audi has also a strong interest for the traffic optimization. As Mr Ralph Weyler, the Member of the Board for Management for Marketing and Sales - AUDI AG said "In this field we are cooperating with three Californian universities on six research projects". Some prestigious institutes like California at Berkeley, California at Riverside and even Stanford are involved in the projects.

The project`s called "Clean Air, a Viable Planet".

Daniel Rosario, the Head of "Connectivity and Computing" Department – Palo Alto, said "The path between two points can be measured in terms of its distance, but also in terms of the quantity of carbon dioxide emitted by our cars. Information transmitted between vehicles in a network allows the driver to choose the route that indicates the lowest CO2 emissions."

The technology for creating vehicle-to-vehicle networks exists already. Rosario calls it an "intelligent vehicle network". "Driver behavior can increase fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent. Our approach could achieve 20 percent on top of that".