The new small SUV from Mazda is based on the MX-5

Posted on Tuesday, 27 November 2007 , 07:11:29 byEmil

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The new small SUV from Mazda is based on the MX-5

Mazda`s working now on a small SUV, with the base on the much appreciate sports vehicle MX-5. The all new lighter, smaller SUVs is using the iconic sports auto`s rear-wheel drive platform and it will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show next year.

James Muir – the European boss said: "I do see SUVs getting smaller and being more car-like in their behaviour. Maybe we can look at rear-wheel-drive platform sharing and we have a rear-wheel-drive platform with the MX-5. That’s an opportunity for us to look at how we might develop a lighter-weight product."

"We are also looking at lighter weight power trains and there is a lot of scope there particularly with diesel power trains to see how we can create lighter engine blocks using different alloys and metals".