Pricing for Saab Turbo X

Posted on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 , 08:11:22 byEmil

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Pricing for Saab Turbo X

Saab is celebrating three decades of turbo charging leadership by introducing the Saab Turbo X 2008, a driver-focused auto, setting new standards of capability and performance for the brand. For the next year model only 600 examples – stuck between the two body styles – will be coming to the US. Pricing begins at $42,510 - Sport Sedan model and $43,310 - SportCombi; first deliveries will occur in spring 2008.

“The Turbo X is the ultimate performance expression of the new Saab 9-3 range,” said Steve Shannon, the General Manager at Saab Automobile USA. “It delivers levels of driver involvement and dynamic chassis control never experienced before from Saab”.

“Like the enthusiasts who have remained loyal from the first turbo models, we are very proud of our turbocharging heritage” affirmed Shannon. “The new Turbo X is one of the most satisfying Saabs ever built”.