Raikkonen wants at Ferrari

Posted on Thursday, 6 December 2007 , 20:12:49 byEmil

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Raikkonen wants at Ferrari

Kimi Raikkonen wants to spend the rest of his career teaming with Ferrari. `Ferrari will be my last team, I`m not interested in going anywhere else. It suits me. I have two years on my contract and it may not be the last`. Raikkonen told Daily Mail. He won, last year, the World Driver`s Championship, driving a Ferrari.

Raikkonen won over Lewis Hamilton (McLaren’s next star). `Hamilton made a mistake in China and then had something wrong with the gearbox, or whatever, in Brazil` said Raikkonen. Anyhow, the Ferrari driver was for sure proud of his, and the team accomplishment: `We won it fair and square. He [Hamilton] would say it wasn’t pressure that got to him, but it wasn’t an easy thing for him to do. Everyone is under pressure`.

Since the season ended, the media focus has been totally elsewhere. Which is quite good for Raikkonen: `I wouldn’t say winning has changed my life but it is good to get what I have always dreamed of. If there is focus on Lewis getting prizes and Michael Schumacher testing with us, or where Fernando Alonso is going, I’m happy. I have a nice quiet life. I’ve got the trophy they probably all wanted. I’d rather take the world title than any other prize`.