Ford cuts back the production for V8 Mustang

Posted on Tuesday, 11 December 2007 , 03:12:51 byEmil

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Ford cuts back the production for V8 Mustang

Ford will cut back the production of the V8-powered mustangs. And since the launch in 2004, around 52% of all the Mustangs have been now equipped with a 4.6L V8. So, historically, the power train mix of the Mustang is usually 70% V6 and for V8 30%.

`It was three capacity increases (for the V-8) after Job 1 for me` Paul Randle – Mustang chief engineer told Automotive News. `Now I'm throttling back, and I'm at about 45 percent V-8`.

`We've got a really respectable (fuel economy) rate on the V-6` said Randle. The V6-powered 4.0L Mustang is getting 16/24 mpg city/highways – this when it’s automatic transmission equipped.