Ford will improve the fuel economy on heavy-duty pickups

Posted on Thursday, 3 January 2008 , 03:01:19 byEmil

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Ford will improve the fuel economy on heavy-duty pickups

Ford`s 2008 heavy duty trucks F-350 and F-250 will have new measures in fuel saving. The revised heavy trucks will be equipped with rear axle ratio of 3.55 — instead of the present one with 3.73 setup — plus a chin spoiler of 3.93 inch (100 mm).

Despite the lower numerical ratio, Ford claims that the trucks will be keeping their present tow ratings. However, the acceleration times will probably suffer.

"We are making the 3.55 standard and when that's combined with new front-end aerodynamic improvements, there will be about a 1.5 mpg improvement," said the trucks spokesperson at Ford - Wes Sherwood. "Ford is constantly looking to innovate with its trucks. Fuel economy is on people's minds right now and we're not going to wait until the next model year to make a change. We're going to implement changes like this as soon as we can" he continued.