Ford offers HD Radio technology as a basic option in 2009

Posted on Tuesday, 8 January 2008 , 04:01:20 byEmil

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Ford offers HD Radio technology as a basic option in 2009

Ford Motor Company became today the first US carmaker to make the announcement of the availability for the technology with factory-installed HD Radio™ as a standard or optional setting on Ford, Mercury and Lincoln cars starting in 2009.

The announcement is a follow of the HD Radio technology launch by Ford in the fall of last year as a dealer-installed choice. As with the ground-breaking SYNC system in the company, the factory-installation of the HD Radio technology is expanding Ford`s commitment of delivering state-of-the-art entertainment plus communications technologies.

“Our goal is to offer drivers the best new features and the most choice,” said Jim Buczkowski, the director of Electrical System Engineering at Ford. “The great local content, the crystal-clear sound quality and the variety of channels and data services offered by HD Radio is exactly what customers are beginning to expect in their vehicles. Moving forward, a radio will no longer be considered competitive if it doesn’t include digital technology”.