Bujaj Auto revealed its own version of the "people's car"

Posted on Thursday, 10 January 2008 , 12:01:22 byEmil

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Bujaj Auto revealed its own version of  the

Produced under the alliance of Renault-Nissan-Bujaj, the indian car will represent a real competitor for the "people's car" from Tata Motors-so far, the concept car is said to cost around 3,000 $ (with 500$ more than its most important rival) and even though the car will be designed in India, is will be built under the close eyes of the Renault and Nissan team.

However, the alliance will also produce Nissan and Renault-badged versions of the car with distinguished style for each brand. There are rumors that Nissan was considering bringing its version of the mini car to the U.S.A market.

The most important difference so far between the Tata Motors car and the minicar from Bujaj is that while the Tata concept will take shape this car, the one from Bujaj is just in a project phase and will be on the markets just in two years from now.