Tailor-made Lamborghini vehicles

Posted on Friday, 11 January 2008 , 15:01:36 byEmil

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Tailor-made Lamborghini vehicles

At The Detroit Auto show which will take place from 13th- 26th of January, 3 special vehicles from Lamborghini will be presented- for sure, a lot of Lamborghini fans will be totally satisfied. Why is this? Because now Lamborghini offers one the possibility to the customers to "create" their own personalized car- the so called "Ad Personam" program. The models which will be presented at Detroit are tuned following the most glamorous trends in the world of fashion.

Stephan Winkelmann, president and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini declared that "Lamborghini is strongly focusing on the Ad Personam personalization program due to the importance of offering customers the widest range of possibilities for individualizing their cars. This allows them the ability to reflect their own personality and style.Many of our customers take advantage of this program as a tool for owning an even more exclusive Lamborghini."

The first of the vehicles presented at Detroit will be the Marrone Apus, an elegant version of the Gallardo Spyder, with shades halfway between brown and black featuring golden reflections in the sunlight due to a pigment able to imbue the paint with an iridescent look.The interior also exhibits a new shade of brown Alcantara, named Marrone Gaia which is used to upholster the seats. The fabric is combined with Marrone Janus and Bianco Polar leather, with the addition of Pianolac used to cover the center console and steering wheel.

Following a light blue color, Blu Cepheus,is also included in the Ad Personam program. It is proposed for the exteriors of the Murciélago LP640 Coupé and Roadster in Detroit. This pale blue is reminiscent of the naturalistic environment and is deliberately inspired by the purity and transparency of polar ice- moreover the color is inspired by the glamorous shades on the catwalks today. The same pigment selected for Marrone Apus is used in this case to attain and exalt a more primary blue when reflecting sunlight. Blu Cepheus is iridescent in the light just like icebergs, although it maintains its monochromatic nature.

The Ad Personam program brings out another novelty: the leather selected for the interiors of the Murciélago LP640 Roadster. This leather covers the elegant seats of the super sports car, an Italian leather, in keeping with Tuscany’s prestigious tanning tradition. It is untreated, inspired by the natural leather found on horse saddles and leads to natural changes in color over time, a tendency that confirms its natural state and total absence of treatments.