Nissan's GT-R GT500 supercar

Posted on Saturday, 12 January 2008 , 14:01:37 byEmil

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Nissan's GT-R GT500 supercar

Nissan and its motor sports arm Nismo will be presenting the GT500 GT-R in its full beauty at this weekend’s Tokyo Auto Salon.The race cars of the GT500 class in the Japanese touring car series (JGTC) have some of the most extreme aerodynamic packages in the business and the latest iteration of one of the event’s legends, Nissan’s GT-R super sports car, doesn’t fail to live up to the standard of the previous heroes.

The car wears a very bright red color,which is said to represent the carmaker’s passion for motor sport, while black signifies the performance of the machine.The car features Nissan’s signature wide ‘brush stroke’ design motif, which has become popular with the current Fairlady Z racer, blending the black and red race colors.

For the moment, no further details were revealed, but it is a matter of 2 weeks until the grand supercar from Nissan will enter the gates at the Tokyo Auto Salon.