Short preview of the 2010 Mercedes E-Class

Posted on Wednesday, 16 January 2008 , 02:01:01 byEmil

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Short preview of the 2010 Mercedes E-Class

The next-generation of the E-Class Mercedes sedan model is set to be launched in 2009, and most probably sales will start soon after the car will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show. The model will have a new angular front end with square shaped headlights, but, in the same time, will be quite similar in size to the current model and several styling cues will be taken after the CLS four-door coupe. The standard version will have a 184 hp four-cylinder turbo engine and the maximum power will be set to the V8 model (544 hp. This generation will bring new direct injection to the petrol V6 model, a 354 hp engine to the V8 version and brand new hybrid models that will surely arrive just after 2010.

A wagon version is rumored to be brought out on the market in less than an year after the debut of the sedan and will feature a widened C-pillar and a chrome strip across its rear.Rumors claim that A second E-Class variant manufactured in China will stretch 20cm longer than the standard E-Class.

As for the interior, hopefully it will continue the recent return of Mercedes to the high quality department and it is assumed that will bring out a mixture of elements from the C and S-Class, including a color screen placed centrally and an in-dash unit between the speedo and the tachometer. The side mirrors will pick up the already known integrated indicators of the new C-Class and most probably the central control module and steering wheel will follow the same patterns as the C models.