By 2010, there will be one billion cars on the road

Posted on Thursday, 17 January 2008 , 15:01:28 byEmil

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By 2010, there will be one billion cars on the road

Even though the sales in the U.S.A. and in the western part of Europe started to decreased constantly, there are countries in the other part of the world where this industry is growing rapidly and seems to get out of control. Despite all the questioning signs drawn upon the environmental issues, upon the economy or the rising oil prices, the sales report on cars show that these do not affect consumers very much.

The new markets such as Eastern Europe, Asia and South America have exploded in the last years and there is no sign for saturation- moreover, take into consideration the recently launch of the cheapest car in history, people's car, which for sure will attract lots of customers and other brands are rushing to follow their example. Taking a look at the number will fast show you the cruel reality- as the grow in the U.S. car sales market increased last year just by 8%, in Asia the increase is above 43% in comparison with 2006 and most probably very soon the vehicles will be primarily designed for the tastes of the new market, while the western part will be left in the shadow.

It is predicted by a German research firm R. L. Polk that by the end of 2010 there will be a billion cars on the road which is a huge number! Moreover, the sales in cars are predicted to grow further by 2015 with 20%. So specialists are advising us to get used to the public transport as soon as possible.