VW to manufacture its cars in India?

Posted on Wednesday, 23 January 2008 , 14:01:41 byEmil

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VW to manufacture its cars in India?

After the release of the "people"s car" just a few weeks ago, the Indian power of manufacturing has raised important question marks witih all big carsmakers. Among them, we can find also Volkswagen that is recently planning to open a new plant in India where to manufacture all its upcoming vehicles- and why not? the labour force is much at much lower level and with the Nano car example, the country is ready to take up such an important task.

The new plant by VW will not only build cars for India or Asia, but also cars to be exported all around the world. VW is currently building a €410 million plant in India to produce cars for the local market and in an interview for the Business Line, Chief in India Andreas Prinz added that “there’s no reason why the plant can’t build cars for export”. It is rumored that the first model to be put up together in India is an unique model based on the next-generation Polo platform that is planned to hit the market most probably next year. Within this regard, Prinz mentioned that “the car made in India will have higher wheel base with better ground clearance and also have bigger capacity inside the car."

However, if the Indian manufacturing plant will really open in the next period, this means we can expect ourselves that the next Jetta could be sourced from this precise factory in India.