Horsepower war to be put to an end by EPA

Posted on Tuesday, 29 January 2008 , 12:01:50 byEmil

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Horsepower war to be put to an end by EPA

The latest organization to join the protest against the current horsepower war raging between carmakers is EPA (America’s Environmental Protection Agency). The group’s goal is to put an end to all this chaotic development of the very high horsepower models that have a very bad effect on the environment- they hope that very soon there will come the day when instead of promoting a 500hp vehicle, the carmakers will bring on the market more competitive green vehicles and also work closer with the green organisation into this matter.

Recently, EPA was put in charge of of regulating emissions from cars by the U.S. congress and right now they want a shift in focus. On a recent press conference, EPA official Margo Oge commented there must be “an end to the horsepower arms race among auto makers and replace it with another different kind of a race, a race to produce the most affordable and desirable, low carbon-vehicle each year.” Most major carmakers try to make a difference into this matter, but unfortunately they are sending so far mixed messages- for example, GM presented at Detroit Auto Show the new Cadillac Provoq electrc concept and after a very short period of time there was the debut of the 500hp Corvette ZR1.

On the other hand, the best example for a green race is the Automotive-X Prize to create a 100mpg production car. Even though it is still in the early stages there will soon be numerous potential designs for ultra-efficient cars spawned from the challenge. Carmakers are, however, starting to get the message- limited horse-power cars are being brought on the market (for example AMG exec described how his company is very satisfied with the current level of power), but there another face of this problem: the limited hp cars are not bought by many persons and always the famous and rich people will prefer to show their power by getting a vehicle that can stand uo to their desires- usually, this means a very powerful vehicle.