Top Ford exec compared Ford Taurus to Homer Simpson

Posted on Wednesday, 30 January 2008 , 17:01:18 byEmil

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Top Ford exec compared Ford Taurus to Homer Simpson

What does the present Ford Taurus (Ford Five Hundred formerly) look like? According to Derrick Kuzak - the product development boss, the answer is: Homer Simpson. The top executive made this comparison during the presentation to the industry insiders on the firm`s plan in redesigning the Taurus.

CEO Alan Mulally has stated last week that the redesigned Taurus unit will be the `one we should have made originally`. He characterized this updated auto as `fabulous`.

During the presentation, Mr. Kuzak didn`t focus just on the road ahead — he took time also to reflect on the present state of business. He showed a slide with the current Ford Taurus beside Homer Simpson, juxtaposed to the pictures of Mr. Incredible and Superman beside sketches with the redesigned car.

`As you walk from a Homer Simpson design to a Superman design, it`s all about millimeters matter` Kuzak told the top analysts at that meeting, according to the Associated Press.

Rather than a simple mid-cycle facelift, the all new Taurus gets a comprehensive redesign. It will have a lower roof, some tighter gaps between wheel wells and tires, and upgraded surface detailing.

The Taurus 2008 was introduced a year ago — at first as the Five Hundred, then renamed — so, already it will see important changes.
Ford says the new auto will debut next year.